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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).


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How do I copy playlists between two iPods?

Date added:
Tuesday, 24 February 2009
Last revised:
Monday, 26 March 2012



How do I copy playlists between two iPods and how do I add tracks to a playlist?


To copy a playlist from one iPod to another, you

  • choose a playlist in the window showing the source iPod (playlist dropdown box),
  • select the tracks you want to copy,
  • press F5 or click on "F5 Copy" to start copying.
  • JakPod now pops up a dialog where you can choose whether you want to just copy the tracks or additionally create a playlist on the target iPod.

Hint: If a playlist with the same name already exists on the source iPod, JakPod appends a number to it ("_1", "_2" and so on). It then copies all tracks that do not already exist on the target iPod and adds them to the playlist. Existing tracks won't be copied again, but also added to the new playlist.

JakPod does not support copying of dynamic playlists from one iPod to another (doesn't make too much sense anyway). Dynamic can be recognized by the "(*)" appended to their names.

To add tracks to a playlist, youUm einer Playliste Titel hinzuzuf├╝gen, geht man wie folgt vor:

  • select the same iPod on both sides of the JakPod window,
  • select the playlist within the playlist dropdown box you want the tracks to be added to on one side and
  • select the tracks to add on the other side.
  • Now press F5 or "F5 Copy" to add the tracks to the playlist.
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